P/N 50-00(XX)-(XX)

The CDI-500 indicator provides Course Deviation Information from ARINC-429 or ARINC- 571/419. Deviation presented on the LED bar graph displays with a varying intensity center green LED. Status also included on the indicator are six LED’s, three of which are common between the three styles of indicators. Common status lights are WPT (waypoint alert), FR (from waypoint) and FLG (system failure). Part number 50-0001-(XX) provides ENR (enroute) and TO (to waypoint) status lights.
Part number 50-0002-(XX) displays MSG (navigation and computer message) and SX (selected cross track). Part number 50-0003-(XX)displays TO (to waypoint), MSG (navigation and computer message) and SX (selected
cross track).

Install Manual ARINC 429 Models

Install Manual GAMA 429 GPS Model

P/N 50-50(XX)-(XX)


The IND-500 series of indicators present a large variety of data parameters to the user from a ARINC 429 Digital Bus. Easy to read alphanumeric LED, displays two parameters at one time. This unit meets TSO C-113 and fits a standard 1.5 3 ATI cutout. Horizontal and Vertical Styles are available. Currently units produced cover a wide variety of requirements such as Altitude (in Meters), Winds (Speed and Direction), Ground Speed and Drift Angle. Switch selective units are available as (SAT/TAS/TAT).

50-5003 SAT/TAS

50-5005 Time to Destination/GMT

50-5012 Metric Altitude Repeater

50-5021 TACAN Dist/BRG

50-5035 Ground Speed

50-5052 Winds Dist/BRG

50-5063 TAS/Altitude

50-5071 Dist/GS/BRG/WPT

50-5080 GS/Dist

50-5090 Dual DME

50-5100 GLS (GPS Landing Sys)



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